Day: April 11, 2022

Life & Arts

‘Kimi’ tries to do far too much in too little time

If you have an Alexa, there could be Amazon employees listening through your audio at any point to improve voice recognition, unless you...

Life & Arts

Girl in Red, Holly Humberstone at the House of Blues in Dallas

Most indie fans are well aware of the holy trinity of bedroom pop: girl in red, Clairo and Beadoobee. They are known for...

Life & ArtsThe Fix

Dutch Bros Coffee

Not many restaurants, let alone coffee chains, claim to have a highly sociable drive through experience, but Dutch Bros Coffee provides a quick...


Will the real ‘Halo’ Master Chief please stand up?

Controversy and division among both critics and fans alike have turned Paramount Picture’s “Halo” series into a battlefield not even Master Chief might...


‘Witchy’ comic explores societal dysfunction

We all get to an age where we face the struggle of realizing our community is dysfunctional, despite it seeming normal on the...


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