Day: March 28, 2022


Ukraine-Russia conflict impacts several Comets

While Ukraine is physically distant from UTD, Russia’s continued invasion hits close to home for some Comets. Computer science sophomore Tayisiya Chernenko, who...


Athenaeum approved

After receiving approval from the University of Texas System Board of Regents, UTD is looking to move forward with construction on the Athenaeum...


Comet Con ’22

Comet Con just celebrated 10 years of student passion and nerd culture with one of their biggest events yet, bringing in students from...


Where did the statue outside the ECS complex come from?

Walking past ECS North’s courtyard, you might have noticed a new monument – one that seems to have shown up overnight. What is...


Finding something in common to ‘taco’bout

Walking across campus a few weeks ago, you might’ve seen flyers posted here and there about the ”UTD Taco Bell Club.” This club...


Warning: Scholarship Recipients may owe IRS

From The Mercury Archives: March 28, 1994 What do you mean I owe the IRS? It may be news to many on scholarship...


Overwatch team prepares for playoffs in the game’s last season

After finishing the Swiss stage of the Overwatch Collegiate Championship 7-1, the Comets have their sights set on the last “Overwatch” trophy there...


SOC policies hinder student organizations rather than helping

Dance club Contra Corners had followed all the rules. Forms submitted on time, a vendor account set up with the university and all...


Multi-campus survey reveals Honorlock remains unpopular

Classes at UTD have returned to their normal modalities, but some still retain a vestige of pandemic-era instruction: Honorlock. Some instructors have chosen...


Exploring the weird world of meme UTD Instagram accounts

@utd_dwaynation: ‘I’m always happy to answer fan questions. Feel free to disclose my name, Dwayne Johnson.’ From statues to squirrels, from parking blunders...


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