Day: February 15, 2021


Sensitive topics need a second take

Film production companies bank on compelling and entertaining storylines for high ratings that often don’t portray reality. Unfortunately, these bingeable plots are often...


Scrutiny of leaders is key

The Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot and its aftermath are a reminder that we must be critical of our political leaders – especially...


Editing with (more) care

Op-eds can be dicey, to say the least. Remember last summer when The New York Times published an incendiary editorial by Arkansas Senator...


It’s time to stop crunch time

As students enter the game industry, it is important that they recognize their responsibility in advocating for more sustainable industry labor practices. Every...


‘To the moon’ with a Comet

Bolstered by discussion within subreddit r/wallstreetbets, political science junior Eduardo Pasaret is one of a few UTD students who bought in early to...


Provost appoints new NSM dean

Following the departure of the former dean in January 2020, a new non-interim dean has been appointed to the school of Natural Sciences...


And the band plays on…virtually

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a variety of challenges to UTD’s art programs; however, the university’s band and orchestral ensembles – known collectively as...


Campus land enhancement: how far it’s come, where it’s going

The UTD campus has had ongoing construction for over the past decade, and the pandemic has allowed the current construction to move at...


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