Day: February 1, 2021


02 01 21 Issue


Comics: 2/1/21

Life & Arts

Ask Sophie: how to avoid student burnout

As college students, we are fixated on individual productivity, and we often equate our self-worth with academic success. Yet, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic...

Life & Arts

Switching up degrees takes a major plan

With increased student interest in exploratory major advising, two people familiar with the process share their advice for students who are considering changing...

Life & Arts

Beefing up a student business

For business administration and marketing junior Johnathon Jones, his beef jerky business –  Jerky Jones – is more than just a side gig:...

Life & Arts

Minecraft, blind dates, a relationship app – oh my!

This spring, a Minecraft server, a virtual blind date project and an app dedicated to friendship-forming are just three of the newest ways...

Campus NewsNews

Testing Testing – for COVID-19

As North Texas sees more than 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day in the DFW metroplex, the results of UTD’s proactive testing...

Campus NewsNews

Springing into in-person events

UTD’s decision to relax restrictions on in-person gatherings this spring may influence some students’ choice to stay on campus. Vice President of Student...

Campus NewsNews

“We do not conduct campus celebrations of one of these state-mandated holidays: Confederate Heroes’ Day”

Confederate Heroes’ Day – a state-mandated holiday that is incorporated into UTD’s winter break – is not celebrated by the university in any...

Campus NewsNews

Comparing COVID vaccines

As the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines increase in distribution, possible side effects and storage obstacles raise potential concerns. On Dec. 11, 2020, the...


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