Day: November 9, 2020


11 9 20 Issue


Custom majors for custom dreams

Though the current college major system at UTD provides numerous options for students, giving students the chance to design their own major and...


Out of the starting blocks

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, the new UTD track and field team has hit the ground running in its first semester as an official program....


Educating, encouraging safety on campus

The Office of Facilities and Economic Development has repurposed its student staff to serve as Student Safety Ambassadors while on campus. The OFED...


Spring into new housing changes

University Housing is facing extensive procedural changes to the housing process as more students decide to move back on campus for the spring...


Academic dishonesty in a virtual world

The number of academic dishonesty cases is higher this semester than previous semesters, raising concerns on whether academic misconduct has increased due to...


Financing the future: how to pay for grad school

According to Pew Research Center, a third of adults have student loan debt. While this typically ends after graduating college, some students find...


ATEC, A&H develop new minors

One of the outcomes from the Living our Values Task Force is the initial development of multiple new minors. Both ATEC and A&H...

Life & Arts

UTD alumnus honors Texas with “Wild West” mural

If you happen to drive through West Dallas, you may notice that the landscape is more colorful than usual thanks to the mural...


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