Day: February 24, 2015

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10 ways to spend the snow days

We’re moving into day two of school closings. I don’t know what y’all did today but from the perspective of a graduate student,...

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Media pundit calls out tropes in video games

Since she was just old enough to play her first Gameboy, feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian has been an avid female gamer caught...

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Daniel shortlisted for UT Austin presidency spot

UTD President David Daniel has been named as a finalist for the presidency at UT Austin. According to a report by the Austin...


Muslims must stand for peace

Islam preaches tolerance, peace and understanding, and the voices that stand for these principles must be louder because there is simply too much...

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Dallas music scene emerges

Take a drive through Deep Ellum on any given weekend and you’ll likely hear local music echoing among the old buildings covered in...

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Doom McCoy And The Death Nugget at University Theatre

Like some strange lovechild born from the charming slapdash style of Monty Python and the technical precision of a stop motion film, “Doom...


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