Day: September 22, 2014


Tennis starts season with warm up tournament

After a long offseason, the men’s and women’s tennis teams opened up their season with their fall tournament on Sept. 12 and 13....


Globetrotting Comets

Canadian v-ball  player and Ecuadorian midfielder come to the United States for academics, chance to play For the hundreds of student athletes here...

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E-cig confiscation rumors unfounded

Confusion on campus as rules regarding tobacco usage unclear, students divided on feelings about smoke indoors Despite rumors of e-cigarettes being confiscated on...

Life & Arts

‘Satellites’ show focuses on themes of communication

As a current guest of the UTD artists’ residency at CentralTrak, it goes without saying that Christopher Blay is someone to watch. At...

Life & Arts

Master of the game

Chess grandmaster wins final match of U.S. Open tournament with lightning speed in five minutes In the final tiebreaker of the 2014 U.S....

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Spirit on the rise

Correction: Abigail Madsen’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this article.   Cheerleaders, power dancers work to foster college camaraderie On...

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Growing Pains

UV management, residents inherit poorly maintained apartments a year after Waterview Park buyout More than a year after Waterview Park was bought out by the...


Student loan bubble reaching boiling point

The student loan bubble is starting to burst. Young adults are taking record levels of student loans and other debt to earn bachelor...


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