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Editorial Board: SG must improve transparency to boost voter turnout

As 2017 Student Government elections ended with another low turnout, it is important to consider what can be done to increase student participation...

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Election and reflection: Reflection

With the 2017 Student Government elections drawing to a close, the current president and vice president are wrapping up their term in office...

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Election and reflection: Election

JW Van Der Schans and Alex Holcomb from the CometUnity ticket have been elected as next year’s Student Government president and vice president,...

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Student Government Forum

Correction: The candidate on the far left of the stage is misnamed in the video.


Ed Board: Presidential, vice presidential candidates well-suited for uncontested positions

Because this year’s Student Government presidential and vice presidential candidates are running unopposed, the Editorial Board of The Mercury has decided to publish...

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SG Report: February 20th

Net ID System SG senator Rahul Sonwalkar of the Technology Committee has finalized the creation of a new Net ID system. Passwords will...

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SG Report: February 6th

Meet Your Senators In the effort to make themselves more available to the student body, senators will meet with the leadership of student...

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Mercury Midday News 01/26/17

This week we discuss the role that the media plays in academia with Dr. Alex Piquero and the impact of Texas’s proposed “bathroom...

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Tobacco to be banned on campus

According to a university-wide announcement made by President Richard Benson, smoking on campus will be prohibited. Starting June 1, a comprehensive tobacco ban...


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