SG Report: February 6th

Meet Your Senators

In the effort to make themselves more available to the student body, senators will meet with the leadership of student organizations, offering the officers an opportunity to voice their concerns and needs. Invitations are currently being drafted.

All organizations will be invited to send their president or vice president to meet with senators over a catered breakfast on Feb. 24. There will be 100 spots open to organizations on campus to not only seek support from SG concerning any issues they may face, but to also speak with other student leaders who may have advice to share.

Bathroom Bill

SG Legislative Affairs Committee Leader Christian Filsouf is focusing the committee’s attention on the “bathroom bill” currently in circulation. After polling student opinions on the resolution against the “bathroom bill,” senators will begin posting the feedback they receive on the SG website. They plan do this within a week and will update as they receive more responses from state legislators.

Tuition Freeze

A tuition freeze was brought to the floor of the Texas Senate by Sen. Kel Seliger and Sen. Jane Nelson on Jan. 19 for state-funded schools. The bill would place a cap on tuition costs. Increases in tuition will only be equivalent to inflation, unless there is a majority vote by the student body to raise the cost.

Voting on Campus

SG senators are promoting the establishment of polling booths on campus. They will ideally be available by the next state election. However, Filsouf predicts it’ll most likely be by the next national election.

UV Roofs

Due to past hailstorms and wind damage, University Village is replacing roofs in the next six months. Residents will receive updates on the project by email. There is a possibility for blocked exits and additional noise. However, workers will not enter residences.

Email Addresses

There has been a recent effort by SG senators to promote personalized email addresses for students, rather than the typical Net ID format. The main motive is an email address with a variation of a student’s first and last name appears more professional on a resume. Students will be notified via mass email and social media of the option to create a personalized email address using  The Career Center is assisting in this effort.

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