Life & ArtsVideoWhatcha Eatin'?

Momo: Nepali dumplings

It’s one thing to eat a dish completely different from that of your culture, but it’s another to create it yourself. I was...

Editor's PicksLife & ArtsVideoWhatcha Eatin'?

Nuclear spicy noodles: We tried it so you don’t have to

When my news editor, Emaan Bangash, first approached me about joining her recently-established Chew Crew, I was enthusiastic. When she excitedly told me...

Editor's PicksLife & ArtsVideoWhatcha Eatin'?

Durian: The world’s smelliest fruit

The durian has been on my bucket list to try for years. Call me overdramatic for putting a fruit on my bucket list,...

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Student Government Forum

Correction: The candidate on the far left of the stage is misnamed in the video.


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