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Drama wastes interesting premise

“True Story,” based on Michael Finkel’s memoir of the same name, fails to be as interesting as the true story. Finkel’s stories were...

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New ‘Furious’ film resorts to same formula

“Furious 7” has a nonsensical plot and dull dialogue, but it speeds past these road bumps that might otherwise sideline any other film...

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‘Marigold’ sequel delightfully simple

Film underwhelmingly mixes talented cast with stuffy plot As the title suggests, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” doesn’t portray anything new or...

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Weak cyber crime action movie features lackluster performance

“Blackhat” fails to make hacking watchable for audiences “Blackhat,” starring Chris Hemsworth, is a plodding crime drama about hacking, with clumsy dialogue and...

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Dull script weakens WWII story

“Unbroken” tells the unbelievable true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic long distance runner who was captured by Japanese troops during World War...

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‘Dumb’ doesn’t live up to original lowbrow classic

The sequel to the Farrelly brothers’ classic comedy “Dumb and Dumber” is an almost carbon copy of the original film. However, “Dumb and...

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‘Ouija’ underwhelms with unoriginality

With uninspired scares and lackluster directing by Stiles White, “Ouija” is a completely forgettable foray into the horror-film genre. Hasbro is taking a...

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Found-footage ploy ruins film

Horror film features one-note characters trekking through Parisian catacombs  While it’s a good commercial for the Paris catacombs, “As Above/So Below” is ultimately...

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Creative twists engage viewers

Moss, Duplass keep “The One I Love” real A romantic comedy disguised as a dramatic indie film in science fiction wrapping, the genre-crossing...

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Star performance keeps James Brown biopic afloat

James Brown, the godfather of soul, gets the biopic treatment in “Get On Up.” It won’t disappoint. The film goes against the classic...


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