Shriya Vyasam


More students need to learn CPR and AED

Not enough students are actively learning basic life support, or BLS, which is easy to learn and has immense positive potential. People may...


Dear Boomers: please stop writing Gen Z characters

As newer TV shows like “Euphoria” and “Never Have I Ever” air on popular streaming platforms, young people are constantly seeing how characters...


UTD Launches First Rocket

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at UTD made history on Nov. 19 when they became the first organization on campus to...


Free CPR training for UTD students

Regional organization Strive to Save Lives offers students a cheaper way to get CPR certified CPR certifications on average range from $60 to...

Life & Arts

Smile leaves a smile on jump-scare fans’ faces

Paramount’s new film, “Smile,” delivers an unpredictable plot and terrifying jump scares that will make viewers feel ready for spooky season. The film’s...


Impassioned Comets stand for Iranian rights

Students protested against the Irani government’s censorship and human rights abuse on Sept. 26 at Chess Plaza. Approximately 180 protesters chanted “Say her...


When does the Plinth release mist?

Kelly Kinnard, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Services, said that the schedule of the mist column is on 20-minute intervals. It turns on...

A woman holds a flag in front of a crowd of protesters holding up protest signs.

Impassioned students protest Mahsa Amini’s death in police custody, stand for Irani women’s rights

Students protested against the Irani government for censoring freedom of speech by taking a stand for women’s rights on Sep. 26 at Chess...


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