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SCOTUS cancels student loan forgiveness plan

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief Plan has been halted by The Supreme Court. The decision impacts anyone paying off their student loans...


Loved professor passes away,leaves behind palpable legacy

EPPS professor Rodney Andrews passed away on May 12 due to cardiac arrest, leaving behind a rich legacy as a fellow of the...


Students develop AI-poweredchat bot to aid ECS students

A group of UTD students created an AI chatbot that can act as a virtual advisor, answering questions related to the School of...


Diversity bans become reality

Governor Gregg Abbott signed Senate Bill 17 into law on June 17, which requires all diversity, equity and inclusion offices in Texas public...


Riding the Comet Cruiser

The Comet Cruisers, shuttle busses offered by DART, are a good way to get around the outskirts of campus to grab groceries or...


Campus dining breakdown

UTD has plenty of dining options outside of Dining Hall West where you can grab your next bite. The Student Union is the...


JSOM pays respects to professor

Professor Robert Stephen Molina passed away in his sleep on April 3, 2023, leading JSOM students and faculty to remember his legacy. The...


TA compensation needs to change at UTD

UTD teaching assistants, or TAs, do not get compensated like every other school in the UT system does, and that needs to change....


Anti-DEI bill will harm all students if passed

A Senate Bill in committee — 88(R) SB 17 — could mean the end of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as we know it...


Leaks bring down Canyon Creek ceiling

On Feb. 2, 2023, Canyon Creek Heights South experienced flooding from rain and snow, causing unsafe living conditions for several Comets, including criminology...


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