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OSV’s garden relocated

Community Garden moved to Phase 1 with additional features The project to extend Loop Road has begun on the spot where the Community...

BlogsMacchiatos and Neuroscience

Reflecting, planning for a more intentional year

This weekend marked the beginning of Advent. For Catholics, it’s the beginning of the liturgical year when we are encouraged to prepare for...

BlogsMacchiatos and Neuroscience

Planner Planning for 2016

In January, my very first blog post was about my 2015 planner picks. Unfortunately, most of the planners on my list had been...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Burlap Wreath

We’re finally getting some consistent fall temperatures in Dallas, so even though we’re about half way through November, it’s only just beginning to...

BlogsMacchiatos and Neuroscience

Starbucks red cup reaction is madness

I’ve always been a fan of Starbucks. I think they’ve done a great job with their hot and cold cups, especially around Christmas,...

BlogsMacchiatos and Neuroscience

The Changing Leaves

We’re finally getting some of that colder weather even though it’s November, and we haven’t seen temperatures reach even the 50’s yet. Somewhere...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Arm Knit Scarf

Several years ago, when my sister was in elementary school, she went through a crocheting phase. I don’t remember where she picked it...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Wood Geometric Jewelry

Sometimes I think people who read Pin Possible assume I have a lot of talent when it comes to creating crafts. Unfortunately, my...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Book Clutch

When I was a child, my cousin and I used to pretend to be spies. We would hide notes to each other in...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Tea Cup Candle

Until a couple weeks ago, I had never been thrifting. My experience buying from second-hand stores was limited to running to Goodwill to...


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