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Student Government leaders reflect on time in office

The president of UTD’s Student Government pulls over a chair from his corner office and takes a seat next to the desk of...

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Could a white student association exist on campus?

A Redditor posted a thread on the UTD sub-reddit, calling for the creation of a White Students Association, and triggered a hundred comments...

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Q&A: Student Government Leadership

Representing the student body for the 2017-2018 school year, President JW Van Der Schans and Vice President Alex Holcomb sat down to talk...

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Election and reflection: Election

JW Van Der Schans and Alex Holcomb from the CometUnity ticket have been elected as next year’s Student Government president and vice president,...


Ed Board: Presidential, vice presidential candidates well-suited for uncontested positions

Because this year’s Student Government presidential and vice presidential candidates are running unopposed, the Editorial Board of The Mercury has decided to publish...


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