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Chartwells workers move to unionize

Food service workers across campus are seeking to unionize amid allegations of wage withholding, harassment and other unfair labor practices against Chartwells, the...

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Classic Indian cuisine comes to campus

Chartwells partnered with Kinaara, a local restaurant, to provide halal Indian food options at The Market of the Student Union. The Market, the...

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Student Union Starbucks: Why does it take so long?

A study conducted by The Mercury revealed that the Starbucks franchise in the Student Union has longer average wait times compared to off-campus...

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On-campus Papa John’s faces possible removal

The Papa John’s Pizza location in Dining Hall West is facing removal after a report emerged alleging the company’s former CEO used a...

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SG Report: 3/26/18

Sick Plates Added to Dining Services Dining Services has approved the Sick Plate Initiative, a program that would allow ill students to have...


Comet card conundrum reveals communication issue

During the days between Oct. 30 and Nov. 1, certain restaurants were unable to take meal exchanges, Comet cash or meal money, but...

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Comet card dining features temporarily unavailable

Certain Comet card features became unavailable at different locations on campus for three days because of planned server maintenance. Meal exchange, Comet cash...

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SG Report: 12/4/17

Video Series: Modern Politics The Legislative Affairs Committee is working on a video series for the Student Government website. The videos will be...

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Missing cutlery prompts response

Utensil dispensers in the Student Union were returned to their original locations after students voiced their concerns about their relocation. After the dispensers...

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Letter To the Editor: UTD Dining Services misrepresented in previous issue of The Mercury

The Mercury’s reporter Mithra Kaushik reached out to us for a news story and requested to meet with UT Dallas Dining Services staff...


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