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Whatcha Eatin’? Brazilian Food

My knowledge of South American cuisine is, unfortunately, quite limited and mostly consists of what I’ve seen in pop culture and other forms...


The commuter conundrum

With the enrollment at UTD inching toward 30,000, it could easily be said that the campus has become a self-subsistent community of its...

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Nuclear spicy noodles: We tried it so you don’t have to

When my news editor, Emaan Bangash, first approached me about joining her recently-established Chew Crew, I was enthusiastic. When she excitedly told me...

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The dream team

Implementing a football program at UTD will improve the social scene on campus. With the college football season fast approaching, it’s more glaring...

Editor's PicksLife & ArtsVideoWhatcha Eatin'?

Durian: The world’s smelliest fruit

The durian has been on my bucket list to try for years. Call me overdramatic for putting a fruit on my bucket list,...


Internet fame, celebrity important for culture

The prospect of making money on the Internet has been around since it first became public domain, but only in the past decade...


Cultural Days

Rapper’s Delight — Groups bring a taste of rap culture with concert Radio UTD and SUAAB hosted Rapper’s Delight on Nov. 4 in the...

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ICYMI: Week of Sept. 22

Miss an event this week? The Mercury’s got you covered. In case you missed it: Sept. 23 – Back to the 80s Concert...


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