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Game library shut down temporarily

The ATEC Games and Media Library is shut down for the remainder of the semester for renovations. The GML was commonly used by...


UTD president shares goals

New UTD President Richard Benson officially took office July 15. The Mercury sat down with Benson to discuss his vision for campus. How...


Game of Boards

Students create new game, get published, distributed by large firm A new board game with origins on campus may soon be available on...


Humans of Arts and Humanities

A&H students, faculty look to find their place in university known for STEM fields UTD is known for its cutting-edge programs focusing on...


Researchers use science to study art

Conservation expert looks into history of pieces, examines the surfaces of works over time Despite the scientific jargon and complicated analytical machinery David...

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Game Lab fosters innovation

Students in ATEC course help produce video games, learn real world skills such as teamwork A creative director mimics running in slow motion...

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Game library reopens

Students bring back gaming space after year of inactivity After a year away, a library for students to rent and play games has...

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Brave New World

Gamers on campus find community, deeper meaning in realm of videogames Amorine — or Amo for short — is a Destruction Warlock in “World...

Life & Arts

ATEC short films impress animation studio with intricacy

Summer animation class rushes to finish two shorts in 11 weeks ATEC’s first summer Animation Studios class completed and screened two short films...

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ATEC revising doctoral program after complaint, third party investigation  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reviewed, starting in 2013, UTD and the...

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