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Nice study spots

Finding the perfect study spot on campus is essential, as it can make a significant difference in your academic productivity — but not...

Life & ArtsThe Fix

The Fix: A Day Cafe

As a busy student, finding a cafe that’s friendly for both unwinding and socializing can be a challenge, but A Day Cafe could...

Life & Arts

La La Land: A FIX from your dreams

If you’re looking for good coffee, chill vibes and friendly service, you’re in luck. La La Land Kind Cafe is here to provide,...


Creativity is for STEM students too

With UTD’s many efforts to expand the arts on campus, now is the perfect time for STEM-oriented students to take on a creative...

Life & ArtsThe Fix

The Fix: Karmic Grounds

No student should miss out on Karmic Grounds, a triple threat cafe with the perfect study ambience, hangout spot and high-quality coffee and...

Life & Arts

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” navigates adolescence in the 90s

College students can get a taste of some much needed escapism from social challenges and find solace in characters pursuing their far-fetched dreams...

Life & Arts

Rocketbelly delights with self-serve boba options

If you’re seeking self-serve boba, baked items or fried “rocket” chicken, head over to family owned Rocketbelly and prepare for an experience similar...


Microaesthetics dangerous for young adults, not liberating

The trendy micro aesthetic lifestyles cluttering the internet might seem appealing and harmless, but they are actually obstacles to true individualism. We live...

Life & Arts

Tre Stelle masters low-key ambience

Just 10 minutes from campus lies the family-owned Tre Stelle Coffee Co., a hidden gem of a coffee shop. With its diverse menu...

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