“Nineteen to Twenty” gives hope to nervous young adults


College students of any age can find comfort in “Nineteen to Twenty” as it tackles the anticipation, unity and excitement of growing up. For anyone struggling with the transition to adulthood, this unscripted series will provide you with reassurance and hope.

“Nineteen to Twenty’ is a reality show void of drama as it follows a group of nineteen-year-olds through their final week of their teenage life into their first week of their twenties. Together at the 19 School, they learn about one another and experience all the “firsts” of adulthood.

What makes this ensemble of adults-to-be so appealing is they are each as awkward and dream-filled as any other student their age. They all meet for the first time in a classroom, exchanging shy greetings and slowly growing more comfortable. By the end of the first episode, we know what each one of them desires the most out of adulthood; their pursuits range from pilates instructor to actor to professional athlete. A number of the students hope to find love. With an equal ratio of girls to boys, the activities they embark on throughout the series tend to pair them in different boy-and-girl couples each time. However, there is one rule: no dating.

Every student knows the feeling of an awkward, silent classroom on the first day. But viewers will find solace in the unity of these classmates as they blossom into a found family by exploring new activities and freedoms that come with adulthood. Throughout the show, we see the transition from nervous strangers to incredibly close friends — and some, despite the rules, even become secret lovers. Balancing the anticipation and freedom of growing up, “Nineteen to Twenty” displays the strength of both friendship and love when entering a new chapter in life.

Students who worry about the future of their academics, social lives or pursuits will find comfort in the bonds and hopeful nature of the cast. The diversity of each student’s experiences never hindered their open-mindedness or desire to learn about one another; in fact, even the teens who rarely spoke to one another were eager to grow closer when given the opportunity. With their kindness and nuance, the students are relatable and down-to-earth. Most reality television will highlight jealousy or intimidation, but in “Nineteen to Twenty”, that is not the case. There are instances where new students are introduced and competition finds its way into possible relationships, yet the show does not perpetuate drama. Even when students find one another intimidating or clash in interests, the show highlights their desires to value one another as well as themselves. The show embraces longing and hope for building healthy relationships as a teen crossing into adulthood. Most importantly, the students form a strong sense of unity on screen that anyone in a new phase of their life can resonate with.

Both lighthearted and wistful, “Nineteen to Twenty” displays the final sliver of teenage years before adulthood through a relatable ensemble of students. The full season is available on Netflix. If you’re searching for an uplifting show during your work and study breaks or simply need a boost of hope, this show is for you.

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