Nice study spots

Finding the perfect study spot on campus is essential, as it can make a significant difference in your academic productivity — but not all of them are created equal. It’s time to rank the best and worst study spots at UTD, rated on noise level, atmosphere and availability.

Photo By Khue Vu | Mercury Staff

1. The top floor of the library. Without a doubt, it is the most peaceful study spot on campus. Open 24/7 Monday through Thursday, it is a perfect place for students who need absolute silence to concentrate on their work. The large windows provide natural light, and the views of the campus can help students relax and stay focused. On rainy days, it becomes an aesthetic heaven.

2. Nearby cafes. If you are someone who needs a bit of noise to focus, a nearby cafe is a great option. Mudleaf and Tre Stelle are two that offer a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere perfect for studying. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee and soft background music will help you stay energized and motivated.

3. LibCal quiet rooms. The library offers several enclosed study rooms, but they are in demand. If you are lucky enough to snag a spot, these quiet spaces are an excellent choice, full of comfortable seating and free of distractions.

4. Your dorm or home. Depending on your living situation, your dorm or home can be an excellent place to study. However, after students’ less than ideal experiences with remote learning, it’s generally agreed that it’s best to avoid working where you sleep to create a clear separation between work and relaxation.

5. Green Hall Lobby. The Green Hall lobby is a well-organized and cozy spot for studying. The soft lighting and comfortable seating make it an excellent location to work on assignments. However, it can get a bit crowded during peak hours, making it hard to concentrate or find a spot.

6. Remaining floors of the library. If the top floor is unavailable or too quiet for your liking, the remaining floors of the library are great options. However, we recommend visiting the second floor and up to avoid foot traffic and noise.

7. The Plinth. The Plinth – the central gathering spot in front of the campus fountain – may seem like an attractive location to set up shop for homework. But while it’s nice for socializing, we don’t recommend studying here due to the noisy passersby and constant events. Not only is it busy with students, but summer and early autumn weather do not create prime studying conditions. Also, don’t sit on the fountain steps to study, in case the water finds its way to your laptop.

8. Campus Starbucks. The Starbucks in the Student Union is a popular hangout spot for students, but we wouldn’t recommend this spot even for folks that need some background noise to focus. With the constant interruptions, it is nearly impossible to concentrate. If you want a sense of what it’s like to study in the campus Starbucks, imagine trying to study in a Coachella audience — okay, it may not be that bad, but it’s close.

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