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ICYMI: Week of Sept. 22

Miss an event this week? The Mercury’s got you covered. In case you missed it: Sept. 23 – Back to the 80s Concert...

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Behind the Ink

UTD students share the tales behind their tattoos—and insights into their experiences—with the Mercury. “I think more people have tattoos than other people...

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Welcome Week 2014

Welcome Week is always the first two weeks of school with many popular events from different organizations on campus. Events ranged from organizations selling...

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‘Lucy’ underwhelms with predictable plot, unimpressive action

SPOILER ALERT Scarlett Johansson escapes from the Marvel universe and gets to play her own superhero in “Lucy.” Unfortunately, the result is unintentionally...

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‘Purge’ sequel disappoints

“The Purge: Anarchy” is a surprising step forward in the franchise but only because the first one was so poor. James DeMonaco returns...

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‘Dragon’ sequel delights with vibrant visuals, heartfelt story

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” could easily rest on its stunning visuals, but the film combines 3D with a touching story that...

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‘Godzilla’ the best actor in the Gareth Edwards movie

Godzilla, the “King of Monsters,” is back in a “Godzillian” way mesmerizing old seasoned fans and the new generation of kids who will...

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‘Neighbors’ a comedy with heart

“Neighbors” asks millennials what is cool after having a child. How does this generation transition from young adulthood to adulthood. Are late night...

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Concert to showcase Asian rock cultures

The Bangladeshi Student Organization, in collaboration with other student organizations, will perform a rock show at 5:30 p.m. today, May 10, on the Plinth....


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