Concert to showcase Asian rock cultures

Connie Cheng | Staff

The Bangladeshi Student Organization, in collaboration with other student organizations, will perform a rock show at 5:30 p.m. today, May 10, on the Plinth.

The show, which is free to all students, will showcase music from different countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and India.

“There are a lot of cultural events (on campus) and there we can always tell that they are very colorful,” organizer Anwarul Abedin said. “But there is also color in music and we must also acknowledge that color. That’s why I wanted to do an event that’s only based on music.”

BSO held a similar show in 2012 but it had solely focused on Bangladeshi music.

The idea behind hosting this event was not only to focus on the music, but to display the existing rock cultures of different countries.

“Even though the event is called ‘Rock Show @ UTD,’ we relaxed on the genre because it is difficult to get a rock band from each student organization,” Abedin said.

Dhumketu, a Bangladeshi rock band, will represent BSO at the event. Dhumketu, which means comet in Bengali, was formed in 2011 and has played at various events on campus over the past few years.

They will play songs by various Bangladeshi bands along with their original compilations. While they will play songs from other bands, Dhumketu has given a rock twist to these traditional folk songs.

“Some of them are actually folk songs and we have a rock version,” Abedin said. “There are some songs which was sung by very traditional singers a long time ago, especially during the wartime and the songs are very inspiring, so we try to sing those songs.”

There will be food for sale including traditional cuisine from the different participating countries.

The event will go on until 9:00 p.m. and food will be available throughout the show.

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