Welcome Week 2014

Marcelo Yates | Staff Photographer




Welcome Week is always the first two weeks of school with many popular events from different organizations on campus. Events ranged from organizations selling food to huge blowout parties and performances such as Silent Disco and the Supernova Dance. Each event has its perks and caters to different interests.

“The Rumble was an interesting event,” freshman biology major Zaara Qasim said. “It felt sort of like a big pep-rally and I meet a few new people.”

“I attended the Volunteer Expo and the Swap-a-Shirt events,” junior biochemistry major Gladys Ogeto said. “I really liked the events and thought they were very interactive. I also really liked the UTD shirts.”

“I went to the Beach Luau, the BBS Ice cream event, and Share a Coke with a Comet,” sophomore ATEC major Maria Emilia Casso de la Vega said. “The line took two hours, but I met a lot of people.”

Comet Beach Luau ­—

On Aug. 25, the University Village Phase 8 pool transported students and staff alike to a place reminescent of Hawaii. Visitors donned leis and watched  traditional hula dancers  as they enjoyed the warmth of this summer evening by the pool.

Greek Treats & Trivia ­—

Fraternity and sorority members came together at the Plinth to mingle, dance, and represent Greek life on campus on Aug. 27.

Rec N’ Wild ­—

Students trekked out to the Recreational Softball Field under the blistering afternoon sun on Aug. 28 to cool down on water inflatables and climb rock walls.

Silent Disco ­—

On Aug. 28, students wore wireless headsets for a quiet yet vivacious evening of dance in the new Rec Center West. Bright and lively colors filled the room as students enjoyed the night. Several DJs overlooked the event, each playing a variety of music for the attendees.

Salsa Night ­—

A night of salsa dancing lessons and bonding spiced up the end of the first part of Welcome Week festivities on Aug. 29. Students came together in the Galaxy Rooms to learn and practice this timeless, lively form of dance.

Supernova Dance ­—

As the second week drew to a close, another themed dance event lit up the Activity Center Main Gym on Sept. 3. Students danced and enjoyed the interactive experience provided by the performance group Illumina Live in the midst of colorful flashing lights.




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