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Surviving the sizzle: University copes with record heat

Record-breaking temperatures in Texas this summer have significantly raised electricity and water demand, but UTD officials say the university has been working hard...

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Novak named Nat Sci dean

UTD will welcome the new dean of Natural Sciences on Sept. 19. Bruce Novak, a highly noted chemist, veteran and acclaimed educator hailing...

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UTD faces ‘growing pains’: Parking, dining struggle to keep up

A significant spike in enrollment this fall has transformed the campus into a hub of student activity but has also created a slew...

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A&H to drop grad teaching program starting fall 2014

The School of Arts & Humanities has announced that it will drop its Masters of Arts in Teaching, or MAT from its graduate...

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Group connects SOM graduates

As part of a move to initiate better networking among its alumni, the School of Management, or SOM, has an alumni network called...

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UTD witnesses record-breaking donations in consecutive years

Due to a concerted effort by the university towards the development of alumni relations, 2010 was a record-breaking fundraising year for UTD with...

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New ATEC complex coming

This fall Arts & Technology students will file into one of the five classrooms available to them from sunrise until after sunset; but,...

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Parking changes at SOM

Lot J, located near the Activity Center, lost more than 25 parking spaces when it was repainted on August 10, according to information...

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Overcrowded housing: Temp housing requests at all-time high

Two major international student organizations are struggling to handle a 33 percent increase in temporary housing requests from new students this fall, resulting...

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Student enrollment continues to climb

UTD is poised to break yet another student enrollment record. There will be about 18,400 students enrolled at UTD in fall 2011, according...


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