Parking changes at SOM

Lot J, located near the Activity Center, lost more than 25 parking spaces when it was repainted on August 10, according to information from Paul Smith, Parking and Transportation supervisor.

The gold spaces, which Smith said were used by students in the School of Management, or SOM, were “moved” to the SOM’s lots and replaced by 14 purple, 10 orange, three green and nine handicap parking spaces, Smith said.

These purple and orange spaces were added to replace Lot F, which will be demolished along with UTD’s old bookstore, to make way for the Arts and Technology building.

Repainting will also take place in the parking lots near the SOM — lots Q, M-North, M-East and the new M-West, which is yet to open. Currently these lots are permit-type segregated: Lot Q and M-North, near the SOM side doors, are for purple and orange permits and lot M-East near the front entrance is for orange and gold permits.

After restriping is complete, parking lots Q, M-North and the new M-west will have spaces for purple, orange, gold and green permits and M-East will have spaces for gold and green permits only.

“We (met) with Dean Pirkul (of SOM). He wanted to reallocate the colors, he wanted everyone to be able to use each door,” Smith said. “So instead of faculty and staff coming in through the back door (from Lot Q), he would like them to have the opportunity to use the front doors.”

Both the restriping of the parking lots near SOM and the construction of M-West will be complete by about mid-September and will add an estimated 25 purple, 14 orange, 114 gold, 100 green and 10 handicap spots to campus.

The SOM parking area will receive four additional motorcycle parking spaces in lot M-North and 29 “Pay-by-Space” spots near the entrance of the SOM. “Pay-by-Space” spots will allow visitors to pay for parking by credit card at a pay station near their car.

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