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Parking, uncovered

Say the word “parking” to any college student and you will almost inevitably be met with pained expressions, exasperated groans and more than...

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Decoding the parking budget

The Office of Parking and Transportation, responsible for the sale and pricing of parking permits, has a budget that students and faculty members...

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The parking structure that never was

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly reported Melissa Wyder’s staff title and tenure on the Parking Committee. Wyder is the...

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No Parking Zone

Exchange of residential parking passes confirmed fraudulent Although it’s been a matter long unspoken of, the exchange of parking permits among students has...

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Comparing college parking prices

The second parking garage opened up this fall adding 750 more spaces.  Sixty four orange and gold spots were added to Lot J...

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UTD faces ‘growing pains’: Parking, dining struggle to keep up

A significant spike in enrollment this fall has transformed the campus into a hub of student activity but has also created a slew...

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Parking changes at SOM

Lot J, located near the Activity Center, lost more than 25 parking spaces when it was repainted on August 10, according to information...


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