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Radio UTD rocks the Internet

From a small room in the catacombs of the ECSN building, Radio UTD opened its first webcasting stream to the Internet world Feb....


Marriage not as sacrosanct as we think

Since the gay marriage debate first heated up, much has been said about preserving the supposed “sanctity” of marriage. However, with a society...


Baseballers hit 20-win mark

The UTD baseball team eclipsed the 20-win mark, going 7-1 in its last eight games thanks to several impressive individual and team performances....


Waterview noise policy unfair

On St. Patrick’s Day evening, my roommates and I threw a memorable (and noticeable) party from our Phase 8 apartment balcony. Many residents...


Softball opens conference play

With an 8-2 conference record, the UTD softball team is primed for a run at the American Southwest Conference East division top spot....


Walzel rocks the bassoon

Resident Dallas Symphony bassoonist Scott Walzel and pianist Steve Harlos gave new meaning to the concept of a bassoon recital March 21 by...


Big Concert is huge success

The Big Concert was a fabulous success story – SUAAB’s tireless efforts transformed the Activity Center into a great venue for headliners Blue...


Doctoral grads will wear a new robe

Doctoral graduates this spring will look a little brighter, not because of their IQ, but because of their redesigned gowns. A group led...


UT System partners with Sandia Labs

A partnership agreement between the UT System and Sandia National Laboratory March 19 sends UTD on a new wave of research collaboration. The...


Oozeballers set to play

It’s baaaack. The second installment of UTD’s newest tradition is set to create quite a splash, albeit a muddy one, when Oozeball once...

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