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As a rebuttal to the graphic titled “Human rights are SO two hours ago:” Changing your Facebook profile in order to raise awareness of human rights issues does just that — raise awareness of a topic that so many people are already aware of. Though I’m sure that many of those who changed their profile picture to the equals sign also go to human rights rallies and campaigns… Oh wait. I’m not actually sure if they do that.


If you want to do something for human rights, write to your senator, go out to rallies, or donate to an organization that campaigns for human rights. Changing your profile pictures doesn’t stop the abuse that is happening in the world, and it sure won’t influence the opinion of a bigot on your friend’s list.


Perhaps it’s not so much that I think “your human rights aren’t as important as my Facebook browsing” but rather that I realize the little help that changing my profile picture actually does.

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