It’s up to Americans to aid the citizens of Iran

Every day I wake up and I take a thousand things for granted. I forget that not everyone everywhere is free, like I am, to think, say, and do whatever they wish. The main purpose of this article is to enlighten those here in the U.S. about the plight of the real victims with respect to the Iranian regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. I am a person who feels things very acutely, and I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that it breaks my heart to see the great and noble people of Iran subjected to such hardship due to the actions of an evil regime which rules over them with no regard for their safety, happiness or well being. It is my opinion that the Iranians are a great and wonderful people, highly skilled, incredibly intelligent and oh so nice.

I live and work closely with many Iranians and have had a lot of time to build relationships with some of them over the last few years. Two in particular are from Iran but living in the U.S. legally. That is all that I can divulge about their identities for fear of what might happen to their friends, families and loved ones should someone back home find out about their involvement in this article.

“(Family members) are forced to pay fines and imprisonment costs, if the individual is executed they are charged an enormous sum of money to pay for the bullet that was used to execute their loved one,” one said. “The fear is very real and very effective at keeping people quiet.”

Despite the government’s horrible practices and President Obama’s willingness to bring attention to the problems in Iran, the sanctions being placed on the country are not entirely beneficial to the country’s population.

“The current sanctions basically block any and everything from being exported or imported into the country,” the other said. “A business needs to import many things to be successful.”

The best way to aid citizens of Iran is to provide them with the information so many of us take for granted. The Iranians I spoke with said they are not provided with access to unbiased media. The only information they see is given to them by the corrupt government that spends its time working to acquire nuclear weapons, a practice the Iranians I’ve spoken with do not support.

“If it were up to the population of Iran there would be no such quest,” one said. “The people of Iran are not interested in war and weapons, but in peace and prosperity.”

One purpose of this article is to give two individuals a chance to enjoy a small taste of what we as the American people cherish so much and hold so dear that it was the very first addition that We the People made to our beloved constitution. Freedom of Expression is not something to be taken lightly. Over 200 years ago we, a fledgling young nation of rag-tag misfits and rebels, had to stand up and fight the single greatest power that the world had yet seen in order to get ours. Today there are many places where billions of people hold their tongue lest it be cut from their mouth. One such place is the country of Iran.

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