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Freshman poll results revealed

The UTD Mercury polled freshmen attending a July 11 Orientation about their first impressions on a number of aspects of life at UTD...


Postcard from: India

<strong>Editor’s Note: The UTD Mercury is highlighting the adventures of UTD students who travel abroad. In this final installment, Michael Seeligson, a junior...


News Briefs 07/19/04

<strong>Cops to car hop in upcoming fundraiser</strong> Normally, having a police officer approach your open car window is far from a pleasant experience....


Shedding light on ShadowLan

Since UTD is a fairly young college, the city of Richardson hasn’t really developed into a college town, leaving many students with very...


Women’s Center hosts Wi$e Up national launch

UTD was headquarters for the national press conference for Wi$e Up financial planning’s official launch July 13 that was attended by more than...


Buildings, degrees approved

<p>UTD took a huge step in achieving top-tier status with the approval of three new buildings and degree plans by the Texas Higher...


Two new Residential Coordinators hired

With the flood of new freshmen pouring in for the fall 2004 semester, Waterview could use a few more hands for the new...


UTD Police Scanner

<strong>June 22</strong> A student reported the theft of a dog from Waterview Park Apartments. UTD Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a...


Counseling Center policy unacceptable

There have been numerous complaints from students not taking summer school who are not allowed to use facilities on campus during the summer....

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