Day: October 3, 2022


Impassioned Comets stand for Iranian rights

Students protested against the Irani government’s censorship and human rights abuse on Sept. 26 at Chess Plaza. Approximately 180 protesters chanted “Say her...


Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion expands to provide additional student resources

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion underwent a multi-department reorganization on Sept. 1 to unify advocacy for underrepresented students. In spring of...


SG increases senatorial participation

The UTD Student Government wrapped up its fall elections with an addition of 23 new senators, creating a senate body with minimal appointments...


Passport help available at UTD

UTD’s International Center will now offer a Passport Services office to ease the application process for students, faculty and the broader Richardson community....


Phase 8 Clubhouse returns from the dead

For the last three years, the Clubhouse next to the student apartments has been a breeding ground for mosquitoes and roaches. The Phase...


Students advocate for local pedestrians

Members of the UTD club Comets for Better Transit walked through sections of West Campbell Road and Jonsson Boulevard with Daniel Herrig, a...


When does the Plinth release mist?

Kelly Kinnard, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Services, said that the schedule of the mist column is on 20-minute intervals. It turns on...


Overwatch 2 release forces change for Overwatch team

Overwatch 2 releases on Oct. 4, and with that, the Overwatch team must adapt to the incoming game change. The Overwatch League–known as...


Comics: 10/04/2022

Student Art Showcase

Life & Arts


While A24 has produced a handful of cult classic films, director Ti West breaks ground with the studio’s first horror trilogy. The most...


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