Day: October 12, 2020


Comics: 10/12/20

Life & Arts

Top three places to study on campus!

Residence Hall study rooms: Study rooms are conveniently available on every floor of the residence halls. The comfy armchairs are a nice change...

Life & Arts

UTD chef goes astronomical with MEATeor

While making sure the UTD dining hall was running smoothly by day, chef Michael Tyler was in the kitchen working on the eighth...

Life & Arts

Getting thrifty during COVID

At thrift stores, long credited with providing cheaper clothing options for consumers, business has largely remained steady during the pandemic, with the occasional...

Life & Arts

Students impart consulting smarts

Two UTD students from one of the top consulting firms in the world want to share their secrets to success with aspiring consultants....


Reopening the library is long overdue

UTD is open for business, but the continued closure of the library leaves Comets scratching their heads. Except for the Eugene McDermott Library,...


LGBT + mental wellness

The LGBT+ community maintains significantly higher suicide rates, especially within younger age groups. It is imperative that LGBT+ oriented healthcare be more widely...

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