Day: July 27, 2020


Making rounds virtually

Shadowing is an important part of the pre-med experience, but the ongoing pandemic has brought with it an alternative: virtual shadowing. Shadowing opportunities...


Instructing face-to-face

While many classes have switched to an online format this fall, some professors have chosen in-person modalities — such as hybrid and HyFlex...


A bright response to coronavirus

Several UTD students have created projects throughout quarantine aimed at improving daily life during COVID-19. SaniScanner — developed by mechanical engineering junior Keyu...


Summary of fall class options (brief)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UTD has given students the option of choosing between in-person, online and hybrid classes for the upcoming...


The birth of VENUS

Members of the student organization VENUS dissolved their group at the conclusion of the spring 2020 semester, reforming as the newest chapter of...


Student organizations raise money for Yemen crisis

Dubbed by the UN as the ‘world’s largest humanitarian crisis,’ the current situation in Yemen has spurred on-campus groups to fundraise for relief...


The virtual intern

The onset of the novel coronavirus caused many summer internships to be truncated, cancelled altogether or shifted online. In response, students and faculty...


ICE directive rescinded

On July 6, ICE posted a statement on their website that international students not enrolled in in-person fall 2020 classes would have to...


Comets play the Feud

The UTD Athletics department introduced a virtual tournament for student athletes called “Comets Feud” over the summer break, inspired by the Family Feud-style...


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