Day: November 15, 2016

Cross CountrySports

Cross-country runs past barriers

For the first time in program history, the UTD women’s cross-country team captured the ASC Championship title. At the Oct. 29 meet, the...

Life & Arts

‘Moonlight’ rewrites masculinity

“Moonlight” premiered at Telluride Film Festival as an indie stand-out, but soon became the most well-received film of the year. Mild spoilers ahead....

Life & Arts

Gamer group gains traction

The world’s most played video game, “League of Legends,” shapes the UTD gaming community more than any other game. The leaders of the...

Life & Arts

Puppet power

Singing, off-color humor and puppets all came together to communicate important life lessons in UTD’s production of “Avenue Q.” “Avenue Q” is a...

Campus NewsNews

Program helps int’l students with accents

For over a year, international students in the Jindal School of Management have been receiving help from a faculty member to work on...

Campus NewsNews

SG Report: November 14th

Student Government Vice President Joey Campain said SG is in the process of adding a bus route to the closest Indian grocery store,...


Students protest election results at downtown rally

As hundreds marched through the streets of uptown and downtown Dallas on Nov. 9 protesting the election of Donald Trump, electrical engineering senior...


Campus deserves more credit for building school spirit

With homecoming fresh on our minds, now is a great time to think about how we don’t give UTD enough credit for all...

Campus NewsNews

Bottled up

Names of some sources have been changed to protect their identities due to legality concerns. Max hesitantly popped a small capsule into his...


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