SG Report: November 14th

Student Government Vice President Joey Campain said SG is in the process of adding a bus route to the closest Indian grocery store, Patel Brothers. Based on feedback SG received from the Texas Party and the Pub event, it realized the need for access to a store with Indian groceries and other cultural items.

SG will administer a survey on the Plinth in the coming weeks to determine what bus times would best serve students. SG is leaving room for future changes that will allow them to cater to other demographics as well.

“If it works out, then we can look at talking to the rest about getting it expanded to more places. This is just the one that came up first about students directly requesting this service,” Campain said.

Hammock posts are now installed near the Administration Building, Green Hall and the senior class gazebo. Each spot allows hammocks to be hung from three sets of hooks and students can rent them from Rec Center West.

Residential Student Affairs Committee Leader Uttara Thiagarajan discussed plans to install printing stations in the residence halls that will allow students to send their printable files to printers on campus. This printing station is projected to be installed by next semester.

Additionally, residence halls will have ice machines after winter break.  University Commons also added a card reader to the back door in the lobby to increase security.

Thiagarajan also discussed the change in internet providers to the on-campus apartments. By February 2017, there will either be connections made to CometNet or a new ResNet Wi-Fi network. No changes will affect residence halls. At a meeting, Thiagarajan said the director of housing operations and the vice president of student affairs discussed the switch, saying web speeds would increase as a result of the changes.

Student Affairs Committee Leader Nancy Fairbank commented on the addition of reusable cups to the to-go boxes in Dining Hall West. The change will be implemented by next semester. The one-time cost of to-go boxes will increase from $5 to $6 to cover the cost of the new cups.

To increase the influence SG has in the future, the number of grievance boxes on campus will increase, allowing students to report their concerns anonymously. Graduation and International Affairs Committee Leader Jason Waye said grievance boxes will likely be placed by the Wells Fargo ATM in the Student Union, outside the SG office on the second floor of the SU, in the JSOM lobby and in Dining Hall West.

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