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Student veterans find welcome on campus

During a deployment to Afghanistan, Eric McCrory said he remembers sitting in a gunner’s hatch driving to Kabul thinking about the commotion surrounding...


Out of Uniform

Student veterans adjust to civilian life by finding community, inform classroom discussion with experiences It was only within the first two weeks of...


Virtual rehab starts trials

New project allows veterans to access physical therapy remotely Disabled veterans will be able to take part in new experimental treatments this November...


Mercury story did disservice to veterans

Story, image draws criticism from subject of brain health piece I agreed to share my personal story with The Mercury to raise awareness...


Women vets struggle with system

At UTD, there are 600 military-affiliated students and the number is growing, McNeme said. Most veterans require assistance with healthcare services, ways to...

Campus NewsNews

On the frontlines

Veterans on campus share experiences of women in combat Retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson will visit campus March 26 to speak about...

Campus NewsNews

Vet group looks to grow

Fireworks on the Fourth of July are meant to bring joy to Americans every year, but for soldiers who have returned from active...


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