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Comets: Upcoming vote on ‘green’ service fee

All students will be able to vote on a fee referendum to support sustainable development and green projects on campus from April 24...

Life & Arts

Marco Frescas: the DJ king of campus

Computer science junior Marco Frescas aims to transform the social landscape of UTD through his passion for music and DJing which brings vibrant...



Cricket, a beloved sport in South Asia, the UK and the Caribbean, has struggled to gain mainstream attention in the United States. But...


Get your fitness in with UTD’s new outdoor gym

The UTD Fitness Court Studio is one of the latest and most exciting additions to University Recreation amenities, but it has yet to...


Outdoor calisthenics court established on campus; free and first of its kind in Texas

The UTD Fitness Court Studio is the first Fitness Court Studio to arrive in Texas as a part of an initiative by the...

Life & Arts

Enchanting Blooms

Spring brings along an assortment of flowers to Texas. UTD is blessed with a great diversity of flora — you can come across...


Intro to UTD sports

While UTD does not have a football team, there is a plethora of exciting sporting events you can attend during your time here....


Cowboy caffeine fix

Caffeine is a quintessential part of the college experience, and finding a spot you enjoy is just as important. Whether you visit during...

Life & Arts

How to identify campus wildlife

From rows of native wildflowers and buzzing bees to small, scurrying mammals and soaring birds, at UTD, nature and students truly coexist. If...


UTD wins first place in sword fighting tournament

UTD swordsmen clashed blades and brought home first and third-place accolades on April 2 in the second-ever Texas College HEMA Alliance Tournament. UTD’s...


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