Enchanting Blooms

Photos by Vedant Sapra | Mercury Staff

Spring brings along an assortment of flowers to Texas. UTD is blessed with a great diversity of flora — you can come across blooming plants all over campus. The most iconic campus flowers are the blossoming Magnolia trees along the pavement starting at the Student Memorial Fountain and extending all the way south to the University Roundabout.

During the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the blooming Magnolia flowers give fragrance to students walking between the trees to class.

The abundance of flowers fosters a vibrant ecosystem teaming with arthropods which can be seen delighting in the blossoms. Occasional rains during this time also offer an opportunity for mushrooms and other kinds of fungi to prosper.

During this time, most birds in the region are nesting and bringing up younglings in the rich ecosystem of the warmer months.

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