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Researchers study effects of marijuana

New long-term studies tackle the neurological, socio-economic impact UTD professors are making new discoveries on the scientific and socio-economic effects of marijuana. Francesca...

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New electronics flexible in more ways than one

Cutting-edge circuitry has numerous applications in multiple fields including medicine, homeland security Flexible electronics, with applications from consumer to military, have the potential to improve...

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User experience org fuses tech, design, interactivity

Behind every electronic screen, there’s a team of designers, architects and engineers perfecting a seamless experience for consumers. Students have taken notice and...

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SSB addition, alumni center underway

Major construction projects on campus are slated to continue well into 2016, including an expansion for the Student Services Building. Kelly Kinnard, director...


Campaign hits $200 million fundraising goal

After more than four years and 22,000 total contributions, UTD has met its goal of raising $200 million for the Realize the Vision...


404 Page Not Found: University erases Ulbricht

The University of Texas at Dallas is attempting to shove Ross Ulbricht down the memory hole. Official university pages that reference the accused...

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Research lab closes, leaves question marks

The Center for Behavioral and Experimental Economic Science, or CBEES, was abruptly closed last month, leaving at least one faculty member without a...

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Students settle into new Res Hall

As UTD welcomes freshmen into its newest residence hall, planning has already begun for Residence Hall Three.  The upcoming hall is expected to...

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Dining Hall earns near-‘excellent’ rating

Students may feel more comfortable eating at UTD’s Dining Hall now that its health rating is two points away from “excellent.” The hall...

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Surviving the sizzle: University copes with record heat

Record-breaking temperatures in Texas this summer have significantly raised electricity and water demand, but UTD officials say the university has been working hard...


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