Students settle into new Res Hall

As UTD welcomes freshmen into its newest residence hall, planning has already begun for Residence Hall Three. 

The upcoming hall is expected to be extremely similar to the second hall in design, said Richard Dempsey, associate vice president for Facilities Management. 

One major change will be found in the hall’s rotunda, which will face southwest and deposit students onto the Loop Road.

An additional stairwell will be placed near the southeast corner of the building, which will provide students with easier access to campus, Dempsey said. 

Matthew Grief, assistant vice president for Student Affairs, said that a study room with a capacity for 10-15 students is planned for the fourth floor of the hall, as is a smaller space designed for one-on-one appointments and freshman success coaching sessions.

Meanwhile, feedback on the second residence hall has been positive.

 “We heard great things from our students and parents about (it),” Grief said. “They were impressed with the size of the rooms, the furniture, the three vanities in each suite and the multiple gathering areas for hanging out and studying.”  

Constructed within 11 months, Residence Hall Two received approval for furniture just in time for the newest freshman class to set up camp for fall 2011. 

Dempsey said a fourth hall will be considered after the third’s completion.

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