Priyanka Hardikar

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TwoPianists perform

Husband and wife duo travel world, master art of piano She slightly rose in place, like she was hearing her own music for...

Life & Arts

Guest prof highlights role of women in Nazi Germany, Holocaust

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Ukraine became an independent country. This, for author and professor Wendy Lower, left many questions on...


Familiar Faces

Research prof explores facial recognition, what makes faces memorable Every time someone looks at a face, neurons are at work. They are storing...

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Examining Ebola

Students, faculty weigh in on disease outbreak, hospital protocol Dallas County officials decided against declaring a state of disaster in the area, citing...

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LGBT History Month 2014

Created in 1994, LGBT History Month celebrates the achievements of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals. Unfortunately, the LGBT community faces exclusion from history education...

Life & Arts

Director shares stories of women’s rights struggle

When she was 9 years old, Jennifer Lee didn’t just hear about the women’s liberation movement in New York; she lived it. “The...

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University officials: We’re monitoring the outbreak

The recent outbreak of Ebola in Dallas has prompted officials from the national to the local level, including those at UTD, to address...

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‘Frozen’ sisters make debut on ‘Once Upon a Time’ season premiere

“Once Upon a Time” season four promises to be one of hope and unforeseen ethical challenges Overnight, our lives can change for the...


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