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Student moonlights as stripper

Updated: A previous version of this article was printed in error. The Mercury regrets this error. At the start of his shift, he...

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DIY at Central Trak

2014 may be one of the most exciting years for independent art and music in Dallas right now. Six panelists met at the...

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Drug study links memory to weed

Results of a study focusing on the effects of marijuana use on the brain found that the areas of the brain that control...


Immigrant kids are not criminals

Between the influx of migrant children fleeing Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and Costa Rica making it to the semifinals in the world...


Latest in X-Men franchise excites with fresh plot

In “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” the mutant heroes face their doom in a dark future where man-made super fighters called sentinels rule...

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Researchers study effects of marijuana

New long-term studies tackle the neurological, socio-economic impact UTD professors are making new discoveries on the scientific and socio-economic effects of marijuana. Francesca...

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Jemison promotes gains in space travel

In 100 years or so, human beings may be able to reach new frontiers beyond the solar system because of the efforts of...

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Multilingual students translate for refugees

Alumnus gives students opportunity to volunteer with Human Rights Initiative of North Texas Being bilingual or multilingual can be a skill students take...

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Decoding Religion: Bahá’í students flee religious persecution in Iran

Student starts UTD Baha’i Club to provide open atmosphere for growing faith community Editor’s Note: In an effort to further understand UTD’s diverse...


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