Ed Board: Presidential, vice presidential candidates well-suited for uncontested positions

Because this year’s Student Government presidential and vice presidential candidates are running unopposed, the Editorial Board of The Mercury has decided to publish...


Change in Lebanese culture needed

Recent protests against government’s failure to collect waste highlight shift in thinking of country’s youth, cynicism of older generations Recent protests in Lebanon...


Low diversity in staff draws unnecessary attention

Dallas Morning News article criticizes UTD faculty for not representing enough racial backgrounds to reflect growing student population One of the things I...


Policy change good for campus

“Campus Cop Blocks Students from Promoting Conservative Group” boldly proclaimed a Fox News headline from April 24 over a video purportedly showing an...


Muslims must stand for peace

Islam preaches tolerance, peace and understanding, and the voices that stand for these principles must be louder because there is simply too much...


Comet and Craters

World Cup Fever: Every four years it seems like the United States replaces football with fútbol, and UTD is no exception. It’s great...


404 Page Not Found: University erases Ulbricht

The University of Texas at Dallas is attempting to shove Ross Ulbricht down the memory hole. Official university pages that reference the accused...


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