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Campus traditions

It’s hard to miss the quirky allure of our beloved school, but to make your time at university truly unique, make sure to...


UTD Esports to split from Athletics

The Department of Student Affairs and Student Union Administration have recently made the decision toseparate the UTD esports program from the athletics department,...


TA compensation needs to change at UTD

UTD teaching assistants, or TAs, do not get compensated like every other school in the UT system does, and that needs to change....

Life & Arts

Is ChatGPT smarter than you?

Embracing UTD’s research spirit, and for the sake of quenching curiosity, The Mercury asked ChatGPT over 100 questions on different topics to test...


Texas bills could target international students

Texas lawmakers in Austin have introduced a series of bills that could affect university funding, minority groups and higher education. Restrictions on transgender...


Board of Education is only half-right about energy use

The State Board of Education’s new anti-science campaign ignores the truth about the renewable energy transition. Recent news articles report that the Texas...


ECS Complaints: Who Is To Blame?

The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, or ECS, is one of UTD’s largest and most well-known academic schools, ranked No....

Life & Arts

Gender studies minor opens students’ eyes to world issues

UTD’s gender studies minor gives students the opportunity to study and discuss how topics such as the gender pay gap, abortion and non-binary...

Life & Arts

Minor focused on African American and African Diaspora Studies promotes equity on campus

A year has passed since the institution of the African American and African diaspora studies minor, or AAADS, which has provided a platform...


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