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Comets gather for largest hackathon in Texas

HackUTD returned to ECSW on Nov. 4 for the competition’s 10th installment HackUTD is a weekend-long event where participants are given different challenges...


‘I credit everything that I have in my life to chess’

From recruiter to chief science officer and from player to self-founded academy president, UTD’s chess program has taken Comets to places they never...


Subreddit drama endangers students

At the end of the spring 2023 semester, UTD subreddit moderators clashed, causing the removal of one of its most helpful moderators, u/WillieCubed....


You Shouldn’t Care About Nika Nikoubin

Infamous UTD felon Nika Nikoubin’s new autobiography “Who is Nika Nikoubin? A Bloody Las Vegas Hotel Story” is larger than life, dramatically illustrating...

Life & Arts

Hozier’s new album is his weakest

Inspired by Dante’s “Inferno,” Hozier’s third album takes the listener to hell and back with a new take on indie-folk music. “Unreal Unearth”...


Public Health Program Gets Major Upgrade

Starting in fall 2023, the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences will now offer a bachelor’s degree in public health, which combines...


Between a walk and a hard place

Effective after Aug. 31, green parking permit spaces in all three parking garages on campus will no longer be available to those with...


Physics dept. debuts quantum info program

UTD’s physics department will offer a certificate program in Quantum Information — the first of its kind in Texas — starting fall 2023....


A ban on knowledge – how book bans harm adolescents by blocking them from representation

When your future child is interested in reading about Scout’s adventures in Maycomb, Alabama in the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird,” or wants...


Learning assistance

You might find the basement of the library scary, but going to the Student Success Center shouldn’t be! The real fright would be...


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