Campus traditions

Graphic By Oluwaseun Adeyemi | Mercury Staff



It’s hard to miss the quirky allure of our beloved school, but to make your time at university truly unique, make sure to take part in these campus traditions.

Hidden Trinkets

You may notice stuffed animals in trees or figurines in nooks and crannies around campus. Sometimes, you’ll even find the founders’ statues with scarves on when it gets cold. These hidden gems bring UTD to life. A local resident named Virgil puts out many of these toys and has teamed up with students in the past to get them in as many spots as possible. Virgil has said on his Instagram page that it’s okay to take the trinkets “as long as they [go] to good homes.”

Love Jack Romance

It’s said that if you have a date under the bright red Love Jack, your relationship will be a success. This may have made more sense when the Love Jack was in a more private space — the courtyard behind ATEC — compared to its present public location in front of Green Center, but if you’re confident enough, you can take a chance on your future love.

Cecil Green Grants A’s

The bust of one of UTD’s founders, Cecil Green, is aptly located at the front of Green Hall. Legend has it that if students rub his head before an exam, they will pass with flying colors. It’s a feat just to reach Green’s head given the obstructive bushes right in front of it, so studying shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Campus Signs

Whoever makes those quirky green warning signs certainly has a good sense of humor. Keep an eye out for these signs, which pop up around campus sporadically, if you ever are in need of a laugh during a stressful week.

Reflecting Pool Ritual

Sadly, students aren’t allowed to jump in the reflecting pools that run down the length of the mall, no matter how hot the days get in Texas. One of the only times students are allowed to even touch these pools is for the ring ceremony that takes place at the end of every semester for seniors who bought a UTD ring. It’s said that if you dip your class ring in the pool during this ceremony, the water will grant you good luck in your future endeavors.

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