Side hustles and money grabs

Graphic By Rachel Woon | Mercury Staff


While Comets are devoted to their studies, most still seek out opportunities to pick up some silver between classes. Here is a list of side gigs that are easy to maintain throughout the school year.

Ride-sharing and delivery

That motorized stagecoach of yours can now be used as another source of income. Whether you want to carry ranchers, cattlemen and blacksmiths to and from their destinations or meals, spirits and dry goods across Dallas and Collin counties, ride-sharing and delivery apps are as profitable as ever. As long as your vehicle was manufactured in the last 15 years and kept relatively clean, you’ll have no problem signing up. Uber Driver, Lyft, Drizly and Instacart are some of the most popular platforms for these transportation careers.

Dog walking

Dog walking is the perfect side hustle for any animal enthusiast and outdoor lover. Customers pay you to walk their dogs or for other services related to pet care. The vast Texas landscape offers many trails and unbeaten paths to venture with your client’s pooch. “Head ‘em up, move ‘em out.” Popular apps for this job include Rover, Wag!, and Fetch. You might find your pockets getting filled by rounding up some pets.


You can earn some coin directly from your college education by tutoring young cowboys and cowgirls. No need to be tethered to your local schoolhouse. These services can be performed on the Internet, at coffee shops, libraries or wherever your student desires. Mentoring young minds can be a rewarding experience without needing to commit to any full-time work. Wyzant, Tutor, Chegg and Superprof are some practical applications to connect Comets to clients. Moreover, through the Student Success Center, Comets can tutor their classmates on “historically-challenging subjects” or join the Writing Center and give constructive feedback to student papers through private sessions.

Student Media

The Mercury, AMP, Radio UTD and UTD TV also offer you a great opportunity to make money on the side without having to commit to full-time work. Each organization has a variety of ways for you to contribute to media and help your school and community.

Psychology studies and testing

UTD’s Callier Center has several paid studies and surveys year-round for Comets to partake in. It can be long hours, but you are compensated for your time and don’t have to go far from campus. Pay attention to walls and bulletin boards for information and new opportunities.

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