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Side hustles and money grabs

While Comets are devoted to their studies, most still seek out opportunities to pick up some silver between classes. Here is a list...


How to get ace-high with your professor

UTD has world-renowned faculty doing groundbreaking research, but as a freshman, it can be intimidating to form a relationship with these high-caliber individuals....


Students protest anti-LGBT bills

A group of UTD students made their voices heard at the state capitol, where lawmakers voted on several controversial bills targeting the LGBTQ+...


Loved law advisor retires

After five years at the helm of UTD’s Pre-Law Advising Center, Director Barbara Kirby will retire at the end of the semester. Although...

Life & Arts

Library archive linked to famed pilot and women in aviation

From rocket scientists to NASA pilots, UTD has a history of shooting for the stars. But at only half a century old, many...


Upperclassmen waitlisted as campus housing demand soars

The housing market is already difficult for millions of North Texans, but as summer approaches and enrollment continues to increase, UTD has little...


ECS Complaints: Who Is To Blame?

The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, or ECS, is one of UTD’s largest and most well-known academic schools, ranked No....


Texas polling bill disenfranchises youth

Taking away the most convenient location for college students to cast their ballots is an obvious attempt at disenfranchisement and must be condemned....


Art history class treats ChatGPT as friend, not enemy

Amid debate about AI chatbots’ role in the classroom, Professor Mark Rosen incorporated AI into an assignment to experiment with chatbots’ educational potential....


TikTok banned on Wi-Fi, devices

Chief Information Officers Frank Feagans and Nate Howe informed all Comets via email on Jan. 17 that UTD would block TikTok on devices...


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