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FKA twigs takes Dallas

Visual artist twigs’ energy takes Dallas by storm at show in Deep Ellum; calls Dallas favorite tour stop London-based singer-songwriter, producer and dancer...

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Scammers target students for money

A student called UTDPD on Oct. 16 to report a caller claiming to be an agent of the Internal Revenue Service to coax...


Water shortage shouldn’t be overlooked

The year has been peppered with a diverse array of events, from the Scottish independence referendum to the spread of Ebola. As these...

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Mental health workers stress importance of dialogue

It seemed like just another Wednesday, only the third day of the fall semester, and Alex Miller was navigating his return to college:...


Behind ISIS

WHO ARE THEY? An Al Qaeda offshoot considered more brutal than its parent organization and primarily a Sunni militant group, ISIS is estimated...

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Honors college set to become official

The Honors College is posed to become an official honors college, should it pass the Board of Regents’ review in November. The Honors...


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